I’m a real person called Dan.

This is my personal blog where I write some very personal things. Whilst I don’t set out to hide this from my family and friends, a little anonymity is always a good thing. It keeps things easier – when I post thoughts and feelings about other people at least.

Nothing I post will ever be aggressive, rude, or defamatory. And I will never openly insult anyone, as i feel that is just wrong.

Having said that, when I write about people I know (I.e how seeing them makes me feel) things can be a little raw, emotionally, and I think some discretion in regards to my identity is appropriate. For me and the people i discuss!

That aside; feel free to leave respectful comments when you feel you want to add, constructively, towards a post. If you’d like to contact me on a more private matter, feel free to message me using the following email address: drinkinginspace@outlook.com.

I will try to answer any messages as quickly as possible but as this is my personal email address, please be respectful with your comments.

Thank you for your understanding!