I’m a real person called Dan (I’m a real boy). This is all the personal information I want to share right now.

This is my personal blog where I write some very personal things. Whilst I don’t set out to hide this from my family and friends, a little anonymity is always a good thing. It keeps things easier – when I post thoughts and feelings about other people at least.

Nothing I post will ever be aimed in an aggressive, rude or defamatory way. I will never openly insult anyone and doing so, I believe, is below me.

Having said that, when I write about people I know (I.e how seeing them makes me feel), I think a little discretion about my identity is appropriate. It’s only fair to them!

That aside, feel free to leave respectful comments when you feel you want to add to, and be constructive, towards a post. If you’d like to contact me on a more private matter, feel free to message me using the following email address: drinkinginspace@outlook.com. 

I will try to answer any messages as quickly as possible but as this is my personal email address, please be respectful with your comments.

Thank you for your understanding!