And so it begins…

Today i had my first counselling session. 

It was easier than I’d expected. But initially i was filled with anxiety. My hands have never trembled so much. 

But it ended up being just the therapist getting to know me; why i was there, what i thought was wrong etc.

I told her the truth, no point in anything less, and she said it was obvious that i had a lot going on. And that it was good that I’d seeked counselling as bottling it up and not speaking about it is not good. 

I have 7 more sessions, with the next one being in 2 weeks time (I’m in London for my birthday next week).

The next one might be a little more intense, but i feel it’s probably a good thing to share my experience on here. For future reference. I will, however, keep most of the details to myself – although how i feel in the wake of the sessions will obviously be shared.

On a lighter note, I’m still sitting out in the fresh air for half hour every night. Same time, 8.30-9pm, as the sky is dark and the stars are out in force. It’s extremely therapeutic. 

Anyway, that’s my update. I shall now try to enjoy my 2 weeks off work the best i can, considering.

I’m still going to london next week, as i said above, but this week? I’m just chilling the best i can. 

I just wish i could kick this sore throat.


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