Shooting stars and wishes…

Tonight something magical happened. 

As I’ve said before, i spend half hour every night sitting on the seafront.

I hope that, should she change her mind, (E) will come and find me there.

But, more than that, i also use it as a time to relfect and calm my mind. 

Of course i hope and wish she will one day meet me there, more than anything. But i also like gazing into the night sky and on clear nights, like tonight, i can see an abundance of stars.

The bench i speak of is not hidden but it is shaded from the streetlights just enough for a clear view of the stars.

So, everynight i spend 30 minutes taking in the stars, the beauty of our solar system, our galaxy, our universe.

The stars glisten and, every now and then, one of those stars will burst and shoot across my view.

I saw one about this time last week. And tonight I’d hoped to see another. 

I was not disappointed. 

I was staring up at the big dipper, thinking about (E) and imagining her turning up when, out of the corner of my eye, i saw a brilliant flash. As i looked to the my left i saw it. It was not the usual silver flash-streak of a meteor. It was like something out of a movie. The streak it tailed was a sodium fuelled orange, and at its head was the typical conical flame shape. It was most likely some debris that drifted too close to the planet’s atmosphere and burned up. 

But it lasted a good few seconds. Enough for me to witness in awe and make my wish…

It was beautiful and i wont forget it anytime soon.

My wish, simply, was for (E) to come to me, talk to me. And for us to work things out. For us to talk through everything and just understand it all. To be on the same page once more.

Obviously that didn’t happen tonight. Nor will it ever happen, im sure, but if there’s even a hint of truth to wishing upon a shooting star – I’ll take it. 

It was a beautiful sight, one matched only by (E); smiling at me after we use to kiss.

I hope my wish comes true, but if it doesn’t at least i got to see a shooting star, for 3 glorious seconds…


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