I miss her…

I made the mistake of contacting (E) on Saturday. I was hoping she’d meet with me. But she wouldnt.

Not until im in a position to be just friends. I still dont know how to feel about that. 😥

I dont want to be just friends, but i dont want to lose her completely…

I think the hardest thing, is that it feels like shes gone from being in love with me to not even caring in such a short time.

I’m still here toiling away because i love her. Im still very much in love with her. But she seems ok. And it hurts, to think that she can be ok with being just friends already. If i see her, im just going to want to hug her and kiss her. I miss her so much.

But it’s painful because she’s not there with me anymore, or so it seems.

I’m waiting on a bench, overlooking my local seafront, every night between 8.30pm and 9pm. Purely, in the hope that one day she’ll wake up and miss me enough to want to come and see me and she’ll know exactly where I’ll be…

I dont care if that never happens. But i dont believe she can just stop feeling what she said she felt. I dont see how she could…

Im not expecting us to get back together, but i still miss her and wish i could share a hug just one more time. Further to that, i just want to be with her. And if me being there everyday for a year means I’ll get to see her again? I’ll gladly do it!

Even if it’s probably a bad idea, i need a hug (and she’s the only one i need it from).


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