Going out tonight…

I’m going out to watch a film with my brother tonight. I’d happily stay in and wind down before work tomorrow, but my brother insists that I get out of the house.

I can’t really argue, becausehe wants to go and see Logan (Wolverine’s final movie) – and i really want to see it.

The film starts at 8pm. Which does mean i wont be here to have my nightly sit down by the beach.

It’s hard to accept i might not be there should she turn up. But the truth is she probably wont. And i have a life i need to live. (E) knows how to get hold of me if she wants too. And I’ll be back there every night this week.

It’s hard letting go, even for just one night. Because my heart wants what my heart wants. And nothing will ever change that. 

But I have to try and enjoy myself and be happy too right? 


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