Wishfull thinking…

Here’s some truth for myself: 

Id like to think ive improved over the last week or so, but the truth is that ive just become a little numb to the pain.

My feelings are still as strong as ever, and it’s hard. 

If i could see her, i know it would probably do no good but, in spite of that? I still long for her to be waiting for me when i get of the bus, or just to come see me one night.

I know that, unless its for us to talk and move forward together, that it would just cause more pain right now. 

But i desperately wish that would happen.

I know it wont, im not deluded, but i still wish for it to happen all the same. 

If it ever did happen i have 3 questions to ask her. And they’re racking my brain.

I can’t do a thing with them, so i stow them away when they crop up. But every now and then, they break free of their prison and run riot in my mind.


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