If I could, I would…

​It’s  valentines day. And i find myself at a loss. So this will be me final post for a while (i mean it this time!)… It’s just a reposting of the poem i wrote for (E) a few days back…

I’ll probably never get to show her it, but maybe she’ll see it one day. And know it was meant for her today…

For (E)…

If I could, I would…

If I were a warrior, then I would but fight

If I were a god, then my enemies I would smite,

If I were a sailor, I would swim the seven seas,

If I were an outlaw then, of course, I’d sin for fees.

If I were a fisherman, I would catch a fish,

If I were a healer, I would make a wish,

If I were a surgeon, I would make a stitch,

If I were a sorcerer, then I would bewitch,

If I were a gardener, I would plant foxglove,

So that when I was a lover, all I’d do was love.


I cannot fight, acceptably,

And cannot beat my enemy.

I cannot swim the seas,

Nor fish too well it seems,

But one thing I know how to do,

Is love you like the sky is blue.

You’ll know this truth, of that I swear,

You’ll feel it when, my soul, I bare,

For you, my dear, you do deserve,

The fullest love, without reserve


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