Feeling so alone, so lost.

Im starting to think i may have gone wrong in life somewhere.

I feel like im being punished. I’m laying here, having woken an hour ago, tormented by a low feeling. I feel so damn alone.

Ive messaged a couple of friends, trying to reach out, but i get nothing back. 

I always thought i was a nice person. I always do things to help others, put them before me. And yet now im here in genuine discomfort, I’d probably say im genuinely depressed, i get nothing. From anyone.

I feel so lost, so alone and it hurts, so very much. I just need someone. Anyone to be there to help. 

Please. Someone. Anyone.


4 thoughts on “Feeling so alone, so lost.

  1. I completely understand the feeling. I do not know how open minded you are to explore other things. For example, it may not have anything to do with this life…but maybe karma from a past life is here.

    My alone and lost feeling comes from, I did something bad in a past life. Something went wrong and I ended up here. I am a good person, but I know without a doubt that I do not belong here.

    What I did to help make myself feel better was find control. Change the smallest things of every day life. Even if its where you place a toothbrush or your car keys.

    I also reevaluated the people in my life. Went through a bad year, worst time yet and people blew me off. Even though they are not bad people in general, maybe they just weren’t good for me in particular. If you’re in a dark moment and no one is answering…dwelling on that will make it worse. Find something to occupy your mind. Puzzles, video games, painting. Knitting. Anything. And maybe find a way to meet new people.

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    1. Hi. I truly appreciate your comment, and have the utmost respect for your beliefs, but past lives are not something i believe in. I believe in you reap what you sow. Which is why im finding it hard now. I’ve been a nice person because thats who i am. A nice guy. I put my friends before me and try to make people happy. But now, im going through something horribly difficult and all i get from people are useless platitudes and responses that are just not empathetic.
      It’s obvious that my philosophy doesnt ring true. And thats like my life is crumbling around me. Everything i thought i knew is turned upside down.
      And i dont know what to do.
      Im not a very confident person so going out and meeting new people wont help – it’ll make me more insecure. I’ve tried it before.
      I just feel so lost. Like theres no way out. If i cast out the people in my life right now – I’ll not be left with many people at all. Being alone scares me.

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      1. Not that I’m trying to push different beliefs on you. But maybe you should look into other things. I do follow an specific religion. Life is all about learning. I think karma is bullshit, but people seem to believe in it. When my best friend died, I reevaluated all of that. It doesn’t matter if you’re a good person or not. We make our own happiness. We control how others effect us. That’s why I asked how open minded you were. Because if karma is real, and the good in the world like us…are not getting what we feel we deserve, past life injustices might be the explanation as to why.

        Or maybe the issue is we are defining what we deserve. And letting others tell us what we deserve. I didn’t have many friends, but I did what I suggested to you and dropped those who blew me off in my hard times. Know what happened? I had more time to figure myself out and focus on those who brought positivity in my life. My life was shattered and I was suicidal. And every one was bailing on me. But what I did, was exactly what I suggested to you. Found control in the little things helped me find myself again little by little. Starting to say no to people helped me gain a little confidence. It helped me learn my limits. You can’t be there for ppl 24/7. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE…THAT CAN BE THERE FOR YOU. I was petrified of being alone and that’s where I was. I still hate it, but I’m not as afraid.

        I don’t know much about you, but from what you’ve said, sounds like you’re going through something similar. Maybe your life is crumbling around you because you have something to learn. Maybe opening yourself up to other possibilities, be it a hobby or career change or beliefs…I don’t know. That’s for you to discover.

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      2. Ok. Thank you for your thoughts. Im sorry for your losses and what you’ve had to go through.
        Im just not sure thats the way forward for me. I hope i can find my way, i do. I just dont know if i can cast out the people in my life and be even more alone 😦
        All that said, i truly appreciate you taking the time to comment – thank you!


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