Context for earlier…

Needless to say, my post earlier today was me at a very low moment. 

It’s hard when you’re alone, or when you feel alone.

I’ve got family and people I’d call friends.

But i dont have anyone there i can count on. No one i can go to and just vent, talk to about my fears and worries – a true friend. A best friend.

And it’s lonely. 

I’m not a very open person, im very closed off and very, very private.

It was different with (E), she made me feel safe and secure. Like i could tell her anything. That’s saying a lot – because I’ve never been like that with anyone before. 

I’ve shut myself away because i dont want to be hurt. Exactly like i am feeling now.

But it’s not just the pain of my heartbreak, sure that’s a big part of it, but the truth is i have no one that understands how i feel.

Everyone I’ve tried to talk to has their own opinions, of course. Yet no one gets how i feel. It always feels as though people are trying to push their ideas and opinions on me rather than just being a friend. So, inevitably, i pull back.
And then i am left here, in situations like this, alone. So very alone. 😥


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