Silence Disturbed

I just stood at my window. 5 minutes tonight.

I wanted to silence my mind. Take in the sounds of the ocean waves crashing on the shore.

I also wanted to lose myself to the miracles of nature –  a comet passing close enough to be seen without visual aid as well as the penumbral eclipse of the moon… 

The problem is none of that will happen for me tonight. 😦 

Theres a hail storm in my local area and that means no line of site to either celestial occurrence and it also stops my mind calming due to getting a face full of ice every second.

I was hoping to be there long enough to at least get some calm. But it was just too annoying. 

I hope tonight is not the night my fantasy were to come true haha 😦

Instead of trying to find my calm that way. Ive decided to give headphones and a film the floor. 

Tonight it’s going to be X-Men: Apocalypse…

So far my mind is full of images of (E), her smile, that cute little grin when she caught me looking at her. ‘What?’ Her voice whispers through the halls of my mind. ‘Nothing’ i whisper back.

It’s a funny thing to have tears flow as you smile at a happy thought 😥 


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