Reading the past.

I’ve just read the ‘poisoned memory’ posts i wrote back during the blip me and (E) had over the festive period. 

It’s quite nice, because i remember every moment as if it all happened yesterday. In glorious detail. 

The problem is; i remember it all in glorious detail. 

Reading it all back was emotional mind you. Re-running through the week where we told each other we loved each other, was extremely upsetting. Tears. No sobbing, just pure tears of sadness.

I shouldn’t have read them. But i wanted to go over some nice thoughts, like the time we met up and went to Wingham, our local zoo. Or the time i freaked out about meeting her nice parents.

Or the time we went bowling. And hurt our arms playing. Silly times followed by absolutely amazing times at her house. 

I simply cannot get the feel of her hands on mine out of my head.

I’m going to try and sleep now. I hope this highly emotional state passes and i can enjoy a more mellow day tomorrow.


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