In Loving Memory…

Tonight I want to try and put my personal issues aside because there’s been a casualty of this cruel world:

Boris, (E)’s best friend, her handsome little fluffball of a cat, has had to be put down tonight. It’s a sad moment for her and her family. And my sympathies go out to them all.

Boris was a lovely little guy and made a cat lover out of me. He was always wonderful to me and never scratched me! Not even once!

So, in his memory, I’d like to share a poem I have written for the little scamp.

He’ll live on in all their memories I’m sure!

Boris The Gentleman Cat


You’d wander through the hall,

With fur, so grey and soft to touch,

You enjoyed it when I came to call,

And I enjoyed it too, so much,

Boris, the gentleman cat.

You liked to rest and sleep,

You’d sometimes lay, sometimes sit,

Either way, you were a heap,

A comment I hope you can remit,

Boris, the gentleman cat.

All the others feared you,

They’d stop what they were doing,

Even fighting, they knew,

To stop, when you were brooding,

Boris, the gentleman cat.

You were always friendly to me,

No scratches, not a hiss,

Friendly and loveable, all agree,

And always I will miss,

Boris, the gentleman cat.


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