Morning sickness 

I didn’t sleep well last night. I kept waking up. Every 2 or so hours. It’s so damn draining.

On the plus side i did not dream of  (E) last night. Well, not directly.

She was not in my dreams, her face and voice were absent. But her replacement, well let’s just say it was her but with s different head. My dreams were badically me saving her. 3 times.

I dont know what my dreams are telling me anymore. Part of me simply doesn’t care. I’m still reeling a little after the ither nights dream. It’s a scene burned into my memory 😥

Anyway, how am i feeling this morning? Sick. Nauseous, to be precise.

Not an ill sick, but a nervous kind of nausea. I wondered what seeing (E) again would be like this morning. And got nervous and started to feel nauseous. 

Charming. I think that’s my body’s way of saying “you’re nowhere near ready yet, Dan.”

Im not as low as yesterday, after all my emotions have not been shaken about as if my head was a snow globe by some unfair torturous dream.

I hope i can stay like this. Because i desperately need control over my emotions, and quickly 😥


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