Every little helps…

You know what?

Everyone has been saying to me things that don’t help:

“You’re better off without her”

“She’s not right for you”

“She’s obviously not a nice person”

To all of those people, I’ve simply replied by saying they obviously don’t know her very well.

She’s kind, gentle, caring, smart, funny, respectful, sweet, cute, and generally a very, very beautiful person.

Having her in my life made it better by a factor I didn’t even know was possible.

When someone tries to put her down, I will fervently protect her.  It’s nothing less than she deserves.

But yesterday. Yesterday one of my friends at work messaged me. Asking me how I was. I told him. I explained it all as honestly as possible.

You know what he said to me? It was exactly what I needed to hear to help me feel at ease with how I was feeling…

“I’m so upset for you both, I was really rooting fir you two… I really hope you can both work things out, either now or in the future”.

Simple words. My feelings/thoughts but from an outside source. It might sound silly but hearing (reading) those words bolstered my reserve. I love (E) and I can’t give up on her. Sure it might never happen, but I’m damn sure going to be ready if we do get another chance.

I just need to learn to control my emotions better. If I can do that? There’s a chance things might be ok. Even if we’re just friends in the very least…

Hope is a powerful tool, one I want to try and harness the best I can.


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