Feeling tired…

Im tired. Not just from actual lack of sleep either.

In fact i mean to say im exhausted.

It took everything i had not to cry at work today. My emotions just will not behave. Granted last nights dream certainly played its part.

I had aimed to get an early night tonight. But here i am, half past 10pm and still wide awake. My body’s just not obeying me right now. 

If i cant even close my eyes and sleep when i want, when i feel i need it, what hope is there?

I’ve got my parents arguing, my brother up late playing video games. It’s just so chaotic. 

Add to that stressful days at work (they’re not busy, but the people make it an awful, bitchy place to be), i just dont have a calm place to take my head to relax.

I’d go for a walk along the beach but it’s ao damn cold. And when i do, all i do ia think about how much i wish (E) was with me. I cant control my emotions or my thoughts very well at the moment.

I ended today sorting through my comics. I gave a load to my brother to sell on ebay. But there are some i simply couldn’t get rid of. 

I have kept several spiderman comics, including my reprints of Gwens Death at the hands of the Green Goblin. A classic tale i couldn’t get rid of.

I also kept the infinity wars storyline i recently purchased and a couple of Dr Strange comics.

I have definitely put up for sale most of my collection, but i had to keep some back. The geek in me couldn’t get rid of them all. I even salvaged some spiderman posters i want to put up. 

It makes me smile, a little, to know i can look forward to that.

I now have to sleep and try and aim for a good move tomorrow…

I could really do with having these images removed from my brain though. That dream is going to torture me for days to come i fear 😥


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