Still can’t sleep…

I keep having torturous dreams. Involving (E) and me cuddling or kissing or other romantic things. 

I dont know why my brain insists on doing this to me. 

She’s on my mind all the time, i cannot get her out, and then i dream some torturous dream about being with her.

It’s truly horrific for my emotions. 

This space I’ve asked for is definitely the best move. I hope with time, as i get my emotions balanced, the dreams will become easier to deal with. I hope.

In the meantime i have to deal with waking up at 3,4,5am crying. Because i miss her so much. Because not having her here for/with me is so bloody saddening.

I’m going to try and get some more sleep, i just hope this time i dont wake up crying. Please be gentle, brain.


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