Fighting negativity 

Staying positive is hard enough in situations like this.

It’s harder when your brain tends to overthink left, right, and centre.

Every day i wake up upset and low. I try and push past it. But it’s a fight. I try to think about something else. About watching a film or playing a game. 

But it doesnt work.

I try to write. Butbi can’t focus. I try to read but, again, i cant focus. 

Maybe this is natural to begin with. The early days of being truly heartbroken.

But i dont want to wallow. I dont want to lay here upset and miserable. But when you cant think of things that make you smile (without making you sad at the same time) how do you do that? 

I accept its over. I accept i have to move on and fix my broken heart. But that’s not helping my waking mood yet. And im sick of feeling so low every morning.

Maybe tomorrow will be different. Who knows 😦


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