A distant dream

I tried my hardest to write a poem tonight. Crying my way through it.

It doesn’t rhyme. It has no form. And therefore probably isnt very good. But I’m having a tough time right now so please forgive me if it’s not my best work.

It’s just sorrow in poetic style…

I hope it got some of my emotion out.

I cant dream again tonight. Please.

A Distant Dream

It started off as magic does,

Neither you nor i knew the secret.

But heaven seemed to open 

And angels made us dance

And beauty is what we had.

We walked and talked

Then danced at night

And kissed goodbye in the morning.

We smiled, we laughed 

And chocolate we ate.

We went out together, 

For walks and cuddles,

Our hands playing games of their own,

When goodnight we kissed 

Electricity shot out

And knocked us both flying for six.

But just as things went serious

It all began to crumble.

My love grew stronger 

And held the walls

But down that ceiling did tumble.

Upon our heads,

The rocks they crushed 

Our love into the distance.

I do not know why the walls they fell,

Right then a week or two after,

All i know is my love stayed true

But yours seemed to wane and wander.

I loved you more than life itself

And all i wanted was you

No bells no whistles, no trinkets plus,

Just you my love and a cuddle.

I wish you could have been there too,

Along with me and my love.

I wish you loved me right back

And together we could have wandered

The depths of our minds

And bottomless souls

But instead our dreams are now distant.


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