A break?

I’m questioning whether or not i should take a break from this blog. It’s very easy for me to say things on here. How I’m feeling, what im feeling – when i feel it. 

But I worry that this is not the healthiest thing for me to do. I know it’s going to be really tough few weeks. And I’m scared im going to get worse before i get better. I’m just a little wary about putting it all on here. 

I dont know. Its a decision I wont make lightly but one i will have to look at. 

I want to improve and if this doesnt help, then I’ll have to stop.

Anyway I’m going to attempt to cheer myself up a little before i get an early night. Hopefully a dream free night.


5 thoughts on “A break?

  1. I’ve always found venting to people you’ll possibly never meet a really good form of catharsis. But if it’s bringing you more doubt and fear, then follow your gut instinct. I hope everything turns out okay for you! ❤

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    1. Im just not sure right now to be honest. I read some recent posts back and i keep going over the same stuff. I’m a bit all over the place right now. Maybe you’re right, I’ll think on it a while before deciding. Thank you for your kind words 🙂


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