Early delivery…

Im about to try and get some sleep… i kept waking up last night having nightmares about being chased by zombies. 

Hopefully tonight will be a better night. Although a dreamless one would be appreciated i feel. 

I thought I’d check on the surprise i made (E) – to see if it had been sent yet. Original estimates said it would be herr by the 6th feb. But according to the company it should now be here by tuesday 31st jan. Thats this tuesday. That gives me plenty of time to proof read and annotate it. Then hide it somewhere were i cant read it every 5 seconds (like ive been doing with old text and Facebook messages all day today. 

A glutton for punishment is what I’ve been today. 

I have a plan in place for sunday mind you. Im meant to be meeting a friend for coffee in a local city centre. She’s going through a similsr issue as mjne right now so it might help to talk about it with her. 

It might not help but I’ll try anything right now. The pain is truly unbearable. 

Anyway, im going to try and sleep now. Please, brain, let me sleep well tonight…


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