Brothers birthday

I think i might keep blogging on here rather than just ignore it for a while (like i usually do).

It’s helping me a lot more than i thought.

I’m off out with my family tonight. Im going for a meal for my brothers birthday. It’s not my first choice of restaurant but my brother likes it so it’ll be nice to see him happy 🙂

Im not sure whats happening afterwards, he wants to go out but I’m coming home (plans to finish plus i dont exactly enjoy the party life) – and im pretty sure id ‘cramp his style’ ha.

Anyway id much rather come home and have a good read/write. 

Either way it should be another change of pace. I may not have made it to rochester, but i got to change things up and that’s the important thing!

I’ll probably be back on here before bed – the nervous nelly that i am. 

Until then!


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