Another day away from work…

So, another day another day off work. And it feels pretty darn good. I got some new trainers, chilled out and even gota hefty load of poetry done. Im not much closer to finishing my short story yet, but i think i need to plan it out s little more (after reading a magazine article yesterday).

So that’s my plan today. My plan, is to plan.

Then start the write up tomorrrow and finish by Tuesday. Hopefully. 

It’s nice to have that planned out in my head, so at least i can work towards something.

As for (E), well, I had a dream last night. We’d just been out for a meal. And were walking back to her car. We got in, hugged, kissed, and just talked. I can’t remember what about but we held hands and kept trying to sneak looks at one another (we always caught each other, which usually led to us kissing more). I woke up from that dream with a huge smile on my face. Realised. And then laughed at myself.

The brain is a funny old thing. 

I’d actually been reading a book about avatar (James Camerons’ movie about the blue aliens) in the hope that id have some amazing science fiction related dream. I once dreamt about this amazing forest with alien plant life and phosphorescent flowers which later became a planet in one of my planned novels. I desperately wanted another planet to add to my list.

That said, i did not wake up dissatisfied. Quite the opposite in fact. I miss (E) terribly so it was a nice, albeit slightly torturous, thing for my brain to do.

I hope it’s not too long before we get back to that sort of relationship, but until then I’m quite happy to wait. I k ow what i have to look forward too, and that’s enough for me right now! 

I just hope she’s doing ok! 

Anyway, onwards with my plan.i have 2-5 characters to plan and create. Who do i base them in? Hmm…


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