Project Completed.

That’s it. I’ve finished the surprise!

It’s on its way as we speak. Delivery for the 6th Feb.

I am so excited to get it and actually hold it in my hand!

I cannot say too much more in case (E) reads this post.

But I know she’ll love it.

All going well, I’ll share an image of the finished project once she has it!

I’m going to ride this wave of excitement until I sleep tonight!

And then hopefully carry it on when I go shopping for new trainers with my brother and sister tomorrow!

I’m so excited right now!

Addendum: I’ve just been sent a pdf version of the surprise. And woe is me. There are a couple of spelling errors. Well not really errors because they’re correctly spelt words. But they’re not the right words – buggar it!

I’ll have to correct them when they get here and i hope it doesn’t ruin this rather wonderful gift 😥

Darn perfectionist coming through again. Get a handle on it already! 


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