It’s been a good day…

But I can’t help but feel useless…

I’ve totally chilled on my first of 10 days off. I plan on going to Waterstones tomorrow and have a good look at their stock. I love to go book shopping and considering I have a £10 voucher to spend there, I’ll definitely enjoy my time there!

I usually read science fiction but I also love a good cocktail book or science-related piece of non-fiction.

It’ll help me get out of the house and get some, relatively, fresh air! I also plan on doing some boring duvet/pillow shopping to go with my new bed.

So, whilst I’ve had an enjoyable, chilled day; (E) has not. She’s ill. There’s always a sickness bug doing the rounds and, unfortunately for her, she’s come down with it 😦

We’ve not messaged much today due to her not feeling well, and I didn’t want to pester her – she’s ill, she doesn’t need me messaging her all day too.

So, she’s not well. And I wish I could make her feel better. I hate to think of her not feeling well and me not being there to hug her better. It’s probably for the best that I can’t do that, it would do neither of us any good if I got it too!

Anyway, I sit here feeling pretty useless because words won’t stop her feeling ill. There’s not really anything I can do and it sucks.

To make it worse, I (selfishly) miss her more because we can’t talk. I don’t want to bug her by messaging her when she’s trying to rest it off, but I also want to talk to her. It’s a shame but alas illness cannot be predicted! I just have to keep wishing for her speedy recovery! For both selfless and selfish reasons!

I’ve got about 30% of her surprise done too. So that’s coming along nicely. I’ve also made a tidy sum off eBay today – which will go towards my trip to London in March! I’m so excited for that it’s unreal!


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