My holiday is here!

Ok. So im now on my way home from work. For the last time in 10 days! Damn, that feels good to say! 

As i make my way home i feel like my mind is lighter. I spoke with my manager today, you see, about feeling like i do all the work whilst others around me do not. I feel like people know if they don’t do something, my sense of pride in ‘a good job done’ will mean i end up doing it. And they’re not wrong. If something needs doing and no one else has/will do it, i feel like i have to. Just to make sure it gets done. 

Bloody perfectionist. Wasn’t i trying to work on that?!

Basically i told my manager that i was not happy because not everyone is pulling their weight, and therefore make my work-life much harder than it needs to be! 
It was a nice chat, informal, but productive. It makes me feel much better knowing i can approach my manager like this. 

With that out of the way i feel a fresh hit of inspiration and I’m going to start working on a cute little surprise for (E). 

It’s something personal and something she can keep forever – and it’s a secret! So sshh!

But that is for another time! Im nearly home now, so tonight I’ll work on that surprise, along with playing some xbox should i have the time. I am on holiday now, afterall. =)


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