Changing winds…

Today I’ve been all over the place. This morning i was grumpy and tired, this afternoon i was pleasant and upbeat. Now i feel calm and relaxed.

It sounds silly to say but, now i really think about it? Work is slowly ruining my sense of self-happiness. Not to mention my self worth.

I know i need a new job, but finding one, even with a degree in Geography & Geology, is ridiculous. Its a joke! 😦

I’m jeeping my options open but the area i live in seems to be a dead end – job wise. I’m going to look in so local towns (trains are very frequent around here at least) because i cant afford to live or commute to london (nor would i want to do either of those – truth be told).

I think i need just a little bit of good fortune. Just a little bit to help me find a job worth leaving my current one for.

I have my book writing and blogs, but they do not currently make any money. Im writing for the joy of it. So unless i start pouring all my time and effort into those, i cant see them going anywhere soon. 

If i could just find a job opening to get passionate about, something i can sink my teeth into, then I’d probably be a lot happier in myself,  day to day ☺


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