Putting theory into practice…

I’ve been in a good place recently. Ive been well-rested, happy, and otherwise upbeat.

But I knew a day would come where that well-rested feeling would fade and become a slightly sombre, low-feeling. 

Today is that day. 

There are a couple of factors; one is that I have a new bed! I’ve gotten so used to sleeping on my bedrom floor (since my last bed broke – it was cheap crap) that I have to get used to sleeping in a proper bed, 2ft off the floor, all over again!

The second reason is that (E) said last night she thought we’d started to snowball somewhat. She’s not wrong.

We’d spoken every day for the past few days and somehow ignored our every-other-day rule…

So she asked if we could leave things for a few days, stopping the snowball. Which i agreed to – it worked last time afterall.

But this morning, i wake up and because i know we’re not planning on messaging until Sunday, i miss her even more than normal. Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder.

I love speaking to her. I lpve hearing what she’s been up to, and all the small things make me smile. So it will be hard.

But i have that positive outlook to fall back onto, to try and push the negatives away. She still feels the same about me. We’re just keeping things steady.

And, what should make it easier on us, she’s at work until 10pm the next 3 days. I finish at 4pm so by the time i come out of work she’s already started. 

So we’re not really missing much conversation – that thought should make it a lot easier to deal with.

It’s funny how loving someone makes you crave their attention. I don’t mean childish attention, i mean simply tslking to them. Knowing how their has gone, how they’re feeling. All of the little things. 

That’s something i miss whenever we don’t talk for any period of time.

But, rather than dwelling on why we’re not talking, I’m going to look forward to Sunday – when we’ll talk again!

Until then, you may hear a lot from me!


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