Peppa the little puppy…

I’m not sure how good an idea it is to write this straight after seeing (E) but I need to get this out…

It’s an odd feeling, seeing her during the day instead of the evening. It felt a little different. But not in the way that mattered: I still look at her and see the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known. She’s stunning.

She brought along her new puppy, Peppa, and boy she was cute! She was so unbelievably tiny! She was jittery and nervous which, considering her size and age, is understandable!

Here’s the thing: we talked, and we swooned over her little puppy, and just hung out. It was great, no pressure, no overpowering nerves. But then there was her, (E). Sitting there, cute, radiant.

It was good that (E) brought Peppa with her, she was a great distraction for us both I think. Almost too much of one if I’m honest haha.

Anyway, we held hands, snuggled with Peppa, and kissed each other goodbye. and the 1hr 30minute meeting was adjourned… Until next time.

She’s intoxicating and so very loveable. I feel this subtle high when I’m near her. It’s quite hard to describe, but there’s a low when we leave each other. For me at least.

I had the first negative thought when we did leave each other, though. The thought of me wondering how she felt went through my mind. I remembered her recently telling me she loved me and was here for me. And that seems to have pushed it away enough for me to smile.

I gave her the thank you letter I wrote to her parents, in response to their generous Christmas gifts, and I’d also got her a cream coloured rose that had reddish-pink tips.

It was a cute little rose, to replace the red one I’d got her before Christmas (which is most certainly dead by now). The white colour is to signify that I’m thinking of her (I looked it up) and the reddish-pink colour is to let know I love her. It combines two different rose colours, and their meanings – I thought that it was cute and might be less forward than a single Red rose.. I think she liked it!

I think about the kiss we had. And smile profusely. I do love (E). So very much.

And she makes me smile. I can’t wait to see her again, I hope for a more romantic setting, but in all genuine honesty, just sitting and talking to her is lovely. But holding hands with and kissing her? It’s so darn addictive!


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