Steady is the word…

So, we’re seeing each other again. Which, just writing on here is enough to make my heart flutter!

But we’re taking things slower than before. And being a lot more steady. 

We decided that we should only see each other every 2 weeks, to start with. And to only talk every other day.

We agreed on those terms because before we both got carried away with things. Far too easily.

I’m happy to go as fast or slow as she wants. So this is fine by me. I know she loves me – thats all i care about.

But, that doesn’t mean that only seeing each other every 2 weeks and talking every other day isn’t hard. Because it is.

It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Truthfully. The temptation to simply message her and ask anything, simply to converse, is huge. 

After Saturday the desire to see her again is at an all time high…

The only solace i have is that she feels the same. She said it felt like constant rejection even though we both decided it was for the best. We need to take things slower than we did before. I feel the exact same as her.

I told her that if we decide to move on, we should feel happy to do so – but only if we both wanted to. I said that to prove that if this starts to become too slow for us both, we can simply message more and see each other more.

I’ve missed her, i still miss her, so very much. But i want it to work this time and if taking things steady like we are, does that, it’s worth a month or two of ‘arms length’ interaction! Doesn’t mean i have to like it mind you!

So steady is the word of the week. Maybe she’ll be ready to see/message more sooner rather than later? But id rather her be sure so when we do move on, there are no doubts …

In the meantime I have work and writing to keep me busy during our downtime and i do need to finish my short story…


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