Poisoned memories Part 1…

Having a pretty good memory is both a gift and a curse.

I remember all the amazing times I had with her:

The moment I first saw her standing down by the beach on our 1st date. The awkward silence as I built up the courage to ask her for ask kiss.

The way we kissed. The smell of her breath as we kissed for the first time.

The look in her eyes when we talked afterwards. The sparkle they held.

To know she liked me back. That was the best feeling ever.

I was still a jittery wreck the next time we met a few days later. I didn’t kiss her. Not at first. Far too nervous. But we held hands. Got some chips and walked a long the sea front…

We kissed eventually. And it was better than the first time.. we sat and talked in her car for a while because it got cold. And kissed a lot more. I knew I really liked her after this night.

Then a few days, on the following Sunday,  we met at the local zoo. And walked there for the day. It was nice just to talk and experience that place with someone special. We drove to a local quiet spot that evening,  kissed and talked some more. Before getting tea and speaking about some quite deep things. She took me home. We kissed and said goodbye. I cried that night with joy…

The next time we met, I’d written her a good luck card for her first placement. We walked. Held hands. Talked. Kissed. And had a chilled out afternoon. It was really great. Just quaint. But what we both enjoyed.

But then, I’d arranged a surprise, we went for a meal. At chiquitos. We both enjoy that kind of food.

So off we drove. We went to the meal. And as we sat in her car, I handed her a letter. Inside that letter was a poem. And a picture. A picture of a still from the dream I’d had a few days prior.

We were on a planet i was making for my science fiction work. We were sat holding hands, looking out on a vista like no other. A waterfall beside us, turned into a river that stretched out and snaked it’s way several miles towards the sea. Between us and the sea was a stretch of grassland. That turned into a medium sized mountain chain between the sea and the grassland. In the sky was a huge purple gas giant. With frozen rings not unlike Saturn.

She cried when I explained it to her. And when she read the poem.

We went for a walk and passed a giant (Christmas display) reindeer.

When we went into the restaurant,  we sat down and as we did, the waitress brought out the single red rose I’d left with them earlier.

She was shocked. But in a good way. The smile gave that away. We ate. Talked. Paid for the meal and left. She took the rose. In the car she thanked me. We kissed and then took me home.

When we got back to my road. We sat in her car and kissed for hours. It was beautiful.

The next time we’d meet… I’d meet her parents. And that was a nerve wrecking experience…


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