To my Ladybird supplier…

If you’re reading this, it’s because our day is at an end. Hopefully you’re tucked up in bed. Safe and sound…

Every time I see you, you amaze me more than ever before.

You’re beautiful, smart, funny, and altogether breathtaking.

I know this next week or so might be tough for you, so I wanted to make this a great day to start your week off well. I hope I succeeded.

Whether you liked the scenic views of Ramsgate Harbour, or the ambience of the evening dinner, I hope you had a wonderful time.

I know the imagination exercise was a risky move, but I hope you enjoyed it as much as I hoped you would. I’ve attached a relatively decent sketch of what I hope you imagined, along with me.

I want you to know that you already mean a lot to me, and even if I have to wait all week to see you again, it’ll be worth every second. Because you are, quite magnificently, the best person I’ve ever met. And I truly mean that.

All thats left to say is whilst i dream of meeting you on every planet i can imagine, the truth is that spending time with you like today makes my heart melt. I cannot wait to spend more time with you. But until then miss Dobbs: Sweet dreams, oh she who gives me ladybirds…

The Ladybird

From beachside Quay

To stars at night,

And everything in between.
To see your smile

And bashful turn

Just like a movie scene.


We ate and talked

We kissed a lot,

The day just got its sheen.


We travelled up

Into the sky

And to planets we have been.


But all this pales

When you think through,

The beauty I have seen.


For you’re that beauty

Delicate and Alluring,

And everything in between.


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