The beauty all around us…

So, I went on a date last night. Same girl, different location, same result: frozen noses and brittle fingers.

The difference this time? The nerves were a lot less intrusive and we both knew we liked each other.

We met at the beachfront again. It was a quaint town with a well loved old quarter.

We had chips and walked under the stars whilst the distant sound of waves crashed along the darkened shoreline.

It was cold, bracing, and yet so wonderfully personal.

We spoke about our lives, as you do in such situations, and walked waterfront route.

The sea, tide out, was a distant sound and lent us some intimacy and peace. The stars, more prominent tonight than the other, lit up the sky like glowing white paint flecked on a deep black canvas.

I often dreamt of nights like these; the view of the night sky atop a distant sea all combined with an intimate moment.

In the sky, long dead stars blaze through their afterlife, showing us their beauty and bright souls.

Behind us sat that quaint old town, full of past glory and decaying with age. A stark comparison to that of the stars above.

As I take in this beauty all around us, I realise something amazing. Something simply stunning in truth.

For all the beauty of the stars, and the glory of this ageing town, beside me, sits a beauty more stunning than the burning jewels of distant galaxies. A beauty more refined than the age-old romanticism that surrounds us.

She catches me staring. I look away out of reaction. Guilty for staring too long or simple bashfulness – you can decide.

But as she laughs, and looks away herself, I watch her, legs swaying, her hand entwined in mine. She’s perfect. And she’s sitting with me.

Her hair is caught by the bitter cold breeze. She shivers and I put my arm around her. She moves closer and we cuddle. Her head leans on my shoulder.

We are both freezing. It’s bitterly cold. But together we sit there and just stare. All the while, I sneak sweet looks at her. But she catches me every time. Her soft skin and gorgeous smile are like a beautiful painting. I can’t avert my gaze.

We walk again, Hand in hand, and there’s a smile slapped across my face. It won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

We walk back to her car and she drives me home. I know, it’s usually the other way around.

But before we part company she looks at me. My hand now on her face. That soft skin is calling, and my head leans into hers.

I’m nervous, this is happening again, a kiss. A kiss from the beauty that outshines the stars and outlasts the glory of old.

That kiss was the end of a perfect night. A night I’ll remember for a time to come. The night when bright stars, of age and old, were dulled by her fierce beauty.

I have to wait until Sunday to see her again. And whilst I cannot wait to see her smile and bold alluring eyes, I merely have to close my own. For when I do, a portal opens, and I’m back inside that car.

The beauty all around us…

Your light brown locks of flowing hair,

A face of beauty, I can but stare.

You walk with grace a royal hue,

Hand in hand the songs doth queue.

Eyes that show a deep, clean soul,

That heart you hold, your smile hath stole.

There’s beauty in the stars above,

And in the town around us,

But to the side, your eyes do shove,

That which gives without a fuss,

The beauty all around us.


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