Post #40: One Last Embrace…

She throws me a sorrowful look. A cascade of sadness flowing down her eyes. An anguished smile; she’s trying to be strong. But I see right through her.

She knows that I do and without saying a word she walks over to me; head slumped and staring at the ground, she leans into me and slowly I move my arm to console her.

A solemn tear falls. She wraps her arms around mine and hugs it. More tears fall.

Neither of us say a word.

She looks up at me and smiles. A sorrow-filled emotion, fractured by understanding.

A smile full of sadness and yet of gratitude. She slowly releases her grip on my arm, letting every inch of her hand touch my skin. She doesn’t want to let go. But she has to.

She walks away. Head slumped and facing the ground.

Tears are falling. A waterfall of regret.

Neither of us say a word.


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