Post #32: I’m here for you, actually no I’m not…


“Whenever you’re feeling down inside, I promise to take you up to the high. When you feel you’ve had enough and you’ve wasted all your love, I’ll be here for you” – Ella Henderson (here for you by Kygo)…

It’s rare these days to have someone close to you that you can rely upon to catch you when you fall.

I’m not talking about partners or, at least in my case, family; I’m on about honest, true friends.

I think once upon a time I had a group of friends I could absolutely depend on, through sleet and snow, to be there for me. We were such a tight knit group we were always together and were, more accurately, there for each other…

intersection from skyscraper
Some days I feel this far away from people…

I currently do not have this sort of safety net. So when I feel a little down or depressed, it’s hard to deal with it when there’s no one to talk to.

And here’s my point; people always say they’ll be there for you, but rarely do they mean it in such selfless manner, like a true friend would.

If I tell someone something like “if you need to talk about it I’m here” or “I’m here if you need me” – I mean it. I would drop what I’m doing to help whoever I said that too. I’m not so naive that I believe people when they tell me that mind you. I had to learn that the hard way.

And because of those harsh lessons I’ve learned to keep my trust close to my chest and will not just hand it out to anyone…

I know it’s hard for people to commit to almost anything these days, it seems that as years go by less and less people are interested in other people and more worried about themselves. You hear stories of selfless or kind acts. But they are becoming a smaller minority every year. It’s sad to think that people that would go above and beyond to help someone out are at a premium. I mean what does it say about our culture when most people have no one there to support them, unless they can afford to pay a professional? Something I’ve never understood – you want to help people but you want them to pay you to do it?!

Words like these are easy, right up until you mean them*…

I don’t know; maybe I’m just being dramatic, maybe there are people out there but I just can’t see them for wanting. Regardless of that fact it’s obvious to me that things always look worse when you’re tired.

So I’m going to get some sleep and hope my outlook changes for the rest of the week. Hopefully.


*The minute you mean words like these, that’s the minute they become the hardest words to say… Regardless of the response…


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