Post #24: My Life – The TV Show

There are days when I wish my life was like a TV show.
I could say I wished I was as agile as Matt Murdock, or as fast as the flash.
Hell I’d settle for Tracy Strauss’ ability in heroes.

But in reality my words echo a different ability…
I wish, when life gets me down, that I could cancel the current format. And just reboot the show tomorrow. Or next week. Same me, but everyone else was recast, the storyline rewritten and maybe new never before seen twists (or at least an unoriginal twist shown in an original way)…

I’d stay on air through all of the good, and some of the bad, but like the change of love interest for Samuel Witwicky in transformers: I’d like to gloss over some of the more ‘important’ details and get on with my life…
Its silly to dream about these things, they’ll never happen. But sometimes, just occasionally, I wish they would…


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