Post #18: The bags under my eyes…

So I’ve not been sleeping well at all recently, as I’ve mentioned before.

But the worst thing is, the bags under my eyes.

I constantly look like a panda’s ideal date. Which is not attractive. I’ve looked it up online and of course the old cucumber & tea bags trick looks quick and easy… I might have to give them a go on my week off. But the most poignant move is to improve my diet. Low/No salt intake and more water/less alcohol. The latter shouldn’t be an issue. Yes I have a cocktail blog and enjoy the odd cocktail, but until the past couple of days i’ve not touched alcohol in nearly a month. Stopping that vice should be easy enough… The former is the harder one. How do you cut down/out a food ingredient that is quite literally in every food item out there?

dammit audrey

Cooking fresh and eating well are an obvious move but that costs a lot more money than buying partly/pre prepared foods. I’ll have to wait until my week off (pay day week) to start that regime, but it should be easy enough with a bit of research. I want the bags gone and I want to try and improve my self-confidence.

That’s a start.

Oh and I need a new pair of trainers and some new digs. That should help with the confidence.

You got to look good to feel good right?! That is a thing right?


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