Post #17: A means to an end…

I’m sitting here in the staff canteen. I’m a half hour early for work because the bus times are a little inconvenient.
However, I usually read/write to keep me awake this early so it’s not an issue really.
Today however I’ve been listening to a bit of Taylor swift and reading selected poems by Oscar Wilde.

taylor swift

I know what you’re thinking: how depressing! – But it’s completely upbeat I promise!

I’ve been trying to get into poetry for years and recent circumstances made me feel like jumping in heart first. My head has followed now and is roughly about 70-30 in control. So that’s something!

The main reason for my continued involvement in poetry right now, is the fact that I really need to start finishing chapters for my book. And the only reason I stopped writing it is because I wasn’t doing very well with the descriptive sections. The heavy duty descriptions at least.

Four little books, perfect for a quick swim with legends...
Four little books, perfect for a quick swim with legends…

So what’s the best way to get the creative (and descriptive) juices flowing? Poetry of course!!
So I dug out four books by 4 famous poets/writers (Wilde, Tennyson, Poe & Shakespeare) and decided to read them, try to understand them and generally try to improve my own writing by working on some poems…

The first of which will be written over the weekend!
Until then I’m looking up weird looking fish for a science blog – not sure if I’m punishing myself or not with that one…

So the day is up! I’m now home and free to watch a bit of Netflix and generally just not think about much else! – Oh and i’m really not looking forward to work tomorrow, hopefully another good nights sleep will help!
Regardless what tomorrow brings I know one thing: today was a good day 🙂


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