Post #15: Uruguay 1930…

Uruguay 1930 – the first ever football* world cup. They won it too!

I read that about 13 years ago. Along with the other world cup winners since then all the way up to the 2002 Japan/south Korea world cup.

I don’t know why that particular team and year stuck in my mind but they did. Every quiz I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to quite a few over that time) always had a sport round. Never had this question come up. Until tonight. Yay!

It was question 9 in round 7.

At that point, the moment the announcer finished his sentence, I knew my brain had come through for me. 13 years of waiting, to use a bit of seemingly useless knowledge I read whilst still at school!! Worth it!

We came joint 3rd with 84/120 but considering the winning team only had 94 I think we did pretty darn good. Although it doesn’t matter that we didn’t win, not because I want to save face: I genuinely don’t care. For me I won when I answered that single question…

dont know where i stand

Sometimes we get so carried away with winning we forget that it’s not always about that. Sure it would’ve been nice to win. But we did our selves proud and I got to use that one piece of knowledge I’ve wanted to use for over a decade…

I feel the same in regards to matters of love. I tried my best to get somewhere with this girl. It was cut short and yes I made the same mistakes (getting too caught up in it all far too quickly) but now I realise that sometimes getting hurt is what will happen. I don’t like it, I never want to feel like that again, but in the end pain is pain and should recede eventually.

Right now I feel seriously hurt, and being ignored can really hurt. Believe me.

I’m a friendly person, and I don’t ignore people lightly. In fact I rarely ignore anyone at all and when I do I feel horrendous guilt – . Yet being ignored is, for me at least, one of the most insulting things someone can do. To hear you and choose to ignore you – painful.

It’s a little bit of a negative point to end on, but I don’t know how to deal with it aside from ignoring them back. The truly sad thing is that I don’t want to stop liking her. Is that a bad thing? I’m pretty sure it’s a bad thing. Still doesn’t stop me wanting to change something that can’t be changed!

I can but hope to dream...
I can but hope to dream…

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