Post #11: Poetry in Motion…

I’ve been a little negative today. I know that because I read posts #9 & 10 and realised how emotions cloud my judgement. Those posts are true reflections of what I was feeling at the time of writing them and I 100% stand behind them and what they say…

However as time passes, in this case over the course of an evening, I calm down, my brain takes back control from heart and allows me to see a little straighter. A little clearer.

So I look at my words and can’t help but think there’s a more constructive way of me expressing them.

I sat down, football in the background (a boring 2-0 win for England over the minnows of Estonia), and poured my heart and my feelings into these 3 poems. All based on the girl of the moment

I want her to read this, but i’ll probably never show her this. But it’s how I feel. What a hopeless romantic eh?

rose in snow

A Timeless Rose

A timeless rose,

Laying in the snow,

I see it all the time,

Care is taken not to stare

Even with its beauty

That one was the first one I wrote. It’s simple but effective, at least I think so…

The Next one is probably my least favourite of the 3, hopefully you enjoy it where I could not

Your Chestnut hair

A distant breeze does fill the air,

Common Dandelion; Seed head; Taraxacum officinale; macro; close up;

And rushes through the summer fair,

Past the windmill upon the mound,

Along it blows without a sound,

Over the waltzer spinning a whirl,

Past the young and enthralled girl,

Through the carousel it passes,

It even rustles through the grasses.

juliet through the fish tank

But then it turns and wonders why,

There’s a loving look upon that guy,

It makes its way right through the crowd,

And even through a darkened shroud,

It was not hard, there was no maze,

To guess at what had held his gaze,

For there stood you all dainty and fair,

With flowing and shiny chestnut hair.

And finally, this is the one I spent the most time on, and is the one I would most want her to see. It’s also, quite obviously, my favourite one. It encapsulates everything I want to say but in a slightly more pronounced way than I could ever say in person…

Things that I find beautiful

Thick white mist on an autumn day

Fresh strewn barrels of golden hay,

rising sun cloudy

The rising sun across the cloudy sky,

A new born hedgehog (don’t ask me why),

How about that fresh dew smell,

And what about where sand dunes dwell,

Then there’s where ash dost fall,

And the sea-beds that boats doth trawl.


Of all the places and people I see,

There is but one that will stick with me,

Her hair is chestnut, and smile so cute,

yvonne strahovski cute smile

Enough to make me silent and mute,

For she is beauty divine indeed,

But there was a warning I did not heed,

No matter where I place my feet,

There is no beauty that can beat,

Her chestnut hair and sweet grin,

This is no fight that sense can win.

Like the stunning jade green vine,

She is beauty so divine…

smile yvonne S
A smile so cute it melts your heart, you can’t fight that sort of power…

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