Post #8: Social Media Blackout… Day 2

So today is the second full day of no social media. And it was genuinely the hardest. I’ve been so close to checking it, and for the stupidest of reasons.

There is one main reason and by fighting it I feel I am becoming a little stronger in myself. Tomorrow is the first day since Saturday that I’ll see the girl. And I can’t help but worry about her messaging me something important before I see her tomorrow. I KNOW what’ll happen if I give in to temptation and check Facebook:

I’ll login, get my hopes up for a message from her, only to be completely disappointed as all I’ll have is a countless number of notifications for games (which I’ll have a great deal of fun deleting – hint: that’s sarcasm!) and then the usual group posts blah blah blah. Basically all of the crap one can live without.

There’s no one on my social media, that I haven’t spoken to already, that is important enough for me to check back every day for! It’s a sad truth but it’s the truth all the same.

The realisation of the fact that, when I eventually go back online on Sunday, hardly anyone will have noticed my absence is a little isolating, but at the same time it’s invigorating. It relieves stress I never even knew was there. The stress of worry about ignoring people I didn’t want to talk to, or worry about some obscure comment enough to end up deleting the original post (something I’m occasionally guilty of); all of that dead-weight-stress gone. Lifted like an anchor from my back. And man does it feel good!

I’ve been happier in myself the past few days, present girl situation excluded, than I’ve been in a long time and further to that I’m finding other things to spend my time doing…

I’ve spent time looking on my WordPress reader-page for the first time in months, and re-discovered some great bloggers that I totally dropped away from, as well as several new bloggers who’s content I thoroughly enjoy reading! Check out this post from Lovers, Liars & Losers for instance!

I spoke to my friend ‘K’ today and discovered an interest we both share that I never knew we had! So on my next week off I’m going to throw an open invitation for a day out and see what she says. It’ll be nice to chat about her for a change and see how she’s doing! Plus it’ll be nice to hang out with a friend and enjoy something a little different!

So whilst it’s been a seriously tough day of resisting temptation in the form of social media I’ve had a smile on my face, felt a little better in myself and felt a little more confident than I thought I could ever be. At least in the way I treat other people (worrying more about how I feel myself than solely about how they’re feeling).

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow, but as ‘K’ would say: “Don’t worry about it so much. Just don’t over think things and you’ll be fine!” – Thanks ‘K’ you’re the best!

I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully with good news, although I have no idea how I’ll feel seeing her! Or maybe I do and that’s what is scaring me?! Idiot. Idiot. Idiot…


4 thoughts on “Post #8: Social Media Blackout… Day 2

  1. i’m happy you enjoyed that one 🙂 thanks for sharing with your readers! also..i’m all about the detox from social media…it’s good for the soul!

    looking forward to more of your stuff 🙂


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    1. No, thank you for reading! I’ve never done it before. I’ve tried, and failed. But I’ve had serious reason to keep away from it and by deleting it off my phone I take the temptation away from a cheeky look during work (where I sit right now – oh the pain). But yes it is invigorating, and somewhat freeing to not be tied to some form of social media. Thank you again for reading. Makes me feel that little bit better about myself! 😀 x

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      1. Other than checking my blogs and email, I hardly use my phone anymore. It’s both an odd sensation but at the same time it is kind of freeing. I won’t be going back to it as much as before that’s for sure!!! X


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