Post #7: Today was a good day…

Social Media hiatus = so far the best thing I’ve done in ages.

Why has is worked so far?

Well I feel a lot less stressed for one, as having to worry about the girl who doesn’t like me back is not a thing constantly on my mind

That’s not to say it’s been easy of course, because I’ve had to step back from all my other friends as well. But after messaging the 3 most important friends (ones that are really important to me, and that I don’t see every day). On the bright side, it also helps me get away from all of the background stress: The reading posts by stupid people or seeing friends be passive aggressive for hours on end.

And then there’s the personal affect:

It stops me posting things I might regret about the girl, about how I’m feeling and gives me time to heal in a way that won’t be judged by someone else. If I post something I have to worry about whether my brother will comment on it and try to embarrass me. Then there’s family and other friends that might think less of me. I suppose I should say: “we’ll let them, I can only do me after all!” which is probably the frame of mind I should have, but not necessarily the frame of mind I can apply!

Impact on my feelings towards her:

Of course I won’t say I don’t think about her at all, because I thought about her a lot. A lot. I’m also well-aware that by writing on this blog I’m thinking of her.temptation - c.s. lewis

My point is that by removing the temptation to look at her profiles across various social media I am in fact not torturing myself with what may or may not have been. It sounds like a simple thing to do, but anyone who’s been besotted with a girl/guy will tell you that the temptation to ‘look them up’ once in a while is not an easy thing to resist…

So yes today was a good day. I laughed, I joked and even had a conversation with ‘K’ today that did not revolve around the girl. I think she was probably relieved for the change of topic!

So how goes the emotional mending?

Well it’s not really mending so much as forgetting but by removing the temptation of seeing her name everywhere and removing any access I have to her photos (without the awkwardness of removing her as a connection) I’m able to at least forget about the feelings for a short while. Which will allow me to be happier in myself and find the positives where I can (and not be constantly bogged down by my feelings for the unrequited).

Although It’s not ideal, because I know I have to see her Friday and Saturday at work as well as the staff quiz night on Monday – that I imagine, will be the toughest; but as long as I don’t act like some kind of buffoon I think I’ll do ok. Be Strong, Be Confident and most of all: Be Myself.

So there you go. Day 1 of Social Media Hiatus = tough, full of temptations, but overall: good so far!


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